The first thing you need to start an Online Business Blog is is a place to host your blog.

I recommend WordPress as a free alternative to get your blog published. I will also be discussing an awesome solution for a paid blog in another post. For now, let’s stick to WordPress.

Go to and hit the “Get Started” button…


From there, you will be asked to make a series of selections as to the appearance and theme of your blog. To keep it simple, I would stick with the option that shows a “List of Your Posts.”list

Next, choose a theme that you like, but I recommend one with a right sidebar. This is where your article will be down the center of the page and you will add images, etc. to the right. It would look just like this blog you are reading right now.

Pick a domain

After selecting your them, you will need to pick a domain. Be careful in making this selection, because this will be the address your readers use to find your blog. Therefore, you want it to be something meaningful that speaks to the purpose of your blog.

Next you will be asked to pick a plan. I recommend the Personal option for a few reasons:

  • You get a customized domain for free, so you can eliminate the “” from your blog address. This makes for a more professional blog.
  • You can eliminate advertising
  • You will need the customized domain in a later step when we add email marketing tools

I would not go any higher than the “Personal” option. You should get everything you need to get started. You can always upgrade later.

Note as you go through the checkout process Do Not add any additional items to your cart as you don’t need them.


Getting Set Up

Once you are into your blog you should do a couple things right away…

  1. Change the title of your blog
  2. Update your About and Contact pages


You can do this by customizing your default options. See the image below, after selecting Customize you can change anything with the Pencil symbol.

You will edit your pages by going to the page and hitting the “Edit” link below the text.

By now, your blog should be shaping up quite nicely. Before you publish your first article there’s a bit more to do. Next I will be discussing getting your site ready for visitors, writing your first post, managing your sidebar, adding a capture page, and much more.

To Your Success,


Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz

photo credit: Styled photo with handmade rabbit via photopin (license)

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