Ok, time for a quick review of what we have done so far…

  1. Getting your blog set up on WordPress
  2. Putting finishing touches on your layout
  3. Writing your first blog post

Guess what, now it’s time to get your first website traffic.

Or put another way, time to drive traffic to your blog.

There are many ways to do this, but we are going to start out simple and go into more depth in later posts. So let’s start by getting people you know to come see your new work of art. You guessed it…

Social Media

This is still one of the best and most reliable ways to get website traffic.

Each time you complete a blog article, share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Share it on your profile and in groups if possible, which mostly applies to Facebook and Google+

Make sure you have sharing selected on the left menu for each blog post:

Social Share

Also, make sure you have a good, clear and concise excerpt written for each post. This is also found on the left side menu:

blog post excerpt

After you publish your article, you will see the social share buttons at the bottom, like so:

Share this

You will be the first one to share your post. Give it a try by hitting the Facebook share button and you will see a popup of your article with the featured image and excerpt, like the image below:


Notice you can share to your timeline or by clicking the box (see red arrow) you can share to a page or group. I recommend sharing to your timeline and several groups. Repeat this for each social media site.

Once you have completed your sharing, hop on your social media accounts and ask your friends to check out your post and to share it as well. Also, ask them to leave a comment when they stop by to read your post, it helps to create additional interest from other visitors.

For more detailed information, check out my article Generating Traffic With Facebook. I also just came across this from WordPress that should help Getting More Views and Traffic.

Until next time…

To Your Success,


Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz

photo credit: AdamCohn Dancing Girls at Indian Wedding via photopin (license)

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