The next stop on our journey is getting started with email marketing.

We will be using a top notch email marketing program called Mailer Lite for all of the examples from this point forward. Mailer Lite is a feature packed service that is free for up to 1,000 list members. 

To use and verify your Mailer Lite service you need to have your own domain name with a valid email address, so we are going to start there.

If you signed up for your domain with WordPress in our first step, you already have a custom domain, next follow these instructions:

First go to your “My Sites” menu and click on “Domains”

WordPress Primary Domain 2

Next click on the green button that says “Primary Domain”

WordPress Primary Domain

Your screen should look like the image below. Now click on the small arrow to the right of the caption “Email”

WordPress Email Forward 3

Then, click on the small arrow next to the the caption “Email Forwarding”

WordPress Email Forward 2

Finally, click on the blue button “Add a New Email Forward” and follow the remaining steps, including verifying your new email address. This will create an email account with your custom domain that simply forwards to an email address you use all the time, as in the image below, the result is as follows:

My new address will always forward to which is my everyday business account.

WordPress Email Forward

Congratulations! You now have your own custom email address that works with your domain.

If you registered your domain with another provider, please follow their instructions on creating a custom email address that works with your domain. I recommend checking out as they are currently running a special on domains for $0.99 for the first year.

Next step is to create and verify your new Mailer Lite account.

Click the image below to get started for free:

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

Use the email address created in the previous step to set up your Mailer Lite account and follow the step-by-step instructions on the Mailer Lite site, including verifying your email address and domain.

In the example above, my domain is “” and my custom email is “”

The domain verification is the last step and looks like this…

Mailer Lite Verify

When you successfully verify your domain, which is the last step, you will receive a confirmation message like this…

Mailer Lite Confirm

Congratulations! You now have a verified email marketing program that we will put to use in the next step which is “Adding a Lead Capture Form to Your Blog.”

Remember, as we are going through the steps you can still be writing posts and publishing them on your blog. We are now getting into more advanced steps of online business promotion.

To Your Success,


Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz


photo credit: Hurca! content-marketing_cover via photopin (license)

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