In my previous post Creating Your First Autoresponder Email Series we talked about using the Automation feature of MailerLite to create an email that will be sent to your subscribers when they complete your Lead Capture Form.

In today’s post we will go into more detail regarding how to write an effective email series that will make your subscribers take action and become much more than just passive readers.

If you need help with the mechanics of setting up your autoresponder series in MailerLite, refer back to Creating Your First Autoresponder Email Series for step-by-step guidelines with illustrations.

The most important aspect of this autoresponder email series is to build credibility and trust with your readers.

To review, the first email email in your series is sometimes called the Welcome Email. This email should welcome your new subscriber and confirm that you will be giving them the information you promised on your LCF. Here is an example of a welcome email that I use…

Hello and Welcome to my Blog,

My name is Bob Swetz and I just wanted to say how happy I am to have you as a member of my network.

As promised, I will be delivering you a fresh copy of The Daily Shortcut every Monday-Friday directly to your inbox. I know you are going to love this “daily show” as it contains amazing insights that will make any business better.

Also watch for my emails from time to time as I will be sharing new information, offers and opportunities with you regarding making money online.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit the About Me section of my blog.

Again, thank you for joining me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

After your welcome letter, you will add a delay of at least 1 to 2 days between each email. Next you will be inserting between 4-6 additional emails in your series spread over a period of 1-2 weeks. You should plan on drafting all of your emails and having your entire series ready to go before you begin to advertise your LCF on your blog. In How to Write a Heroically Effective Email Autoresponder Series from, the author recommends 3-5 total emails (which fits right in with my recommendation) and to make sure you never send more than 1 email per day. So for argument’s sake, let’s go with 5 emails to start, spread 2 days apart each. This setup will cause your entire series to last 9 days.

Emails 1-4

The Nature and Content of your Follow-Up Emails

In addition to building credibility and trust with your readers, you also want them to get to know a little bit about you. Essentially this is the beginning of a new relationship and you want to put your best self forward. One of the key concepts to remember is you want your emails to be congruent with your LCF and your Welcome Email. Put simply, they should all have a similar theme. For example, if your LCF promises a free PDF e-book about gardening, you need to keep gardening as the primary theme of your emails. defines congruent as follows…


Here are my recommendations for the remaining 4 emails in your series…

Email #2

In this email you want to continue to build trust with your subscribers by delivering on your promises. You can also use this email as an opportunity to reveal a bit of yourself to your readers. You can do this with a short bio or better yet, a personal testimony regarding your products or services. Remember to make sure the personal information still follows your overall theme.

Email #3

You build trust and credibility by providing massive value to your readers, so make sure you do that in some way in this email. In following with your theme, you can offer education, tips and tricks or whatever information you possess that will benefit your readers. Even if this information can be found elsewhere, you can provide value by consolidating various pieces of information into one easy to understand message.

Email #4

This email is a good time to “ask for a sale” in some way. This can take various forms depending on your theme. You may be offering products or services or even an affiliate opportunity as well. First, remember to continue to provide value. You can do this by giving your readers some sort of special pricing or any special deal that they can’t get anywhere else and make sure they know that. A good lead into an affiliate opportunity is to say something like “Did you know you can also make money by starting your own affiliate business?”

Email #5

Now is a good time for a wrap up of your previous emails. I may be sounding repetitive but remember to keep with your theme and provide value. So don’t just summarize your previous 4 emails. Give your readers something they can carry with them into the future and remind them that you are the “go to” authority on the topic you have been covering. Also, remind your readers to expect to hear from you in the future regarding blog updates, special offers, etc.

A Few Quick Tips

  1. Do make sure your emails have an unsubscribe statement in the footer.
  2. Do make sure to do some subtle selling in all of your follow-up emails. If you are in Direct Sales an easy way to do this is by picturing a “featured product” in the footer of each email with a link to your site.
  3. Do make sure to direct your readers back to your blog as often as possible.
  4. Do use images in your emails where possible to illustrate your points, plus this just makes the emails more appealing overall.
  5. Do not make the emails too long. You don’t want to bore your readers.
  6. Do not email your readers about unrelated matters, products or programs (that is called SPAM.)

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact me via email, Facebook message or Skype. You an also ask questions in our Facebook Group.

To Your Success,


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